Breaking Down the Best Brushes for Golden Retrievers

best brush for golden retriever

Comb through the fur of your favorite four-legged companion with these best brushes for golden retrievers!

The Guide to the Best Brush for Golden Retriever

Every golden retriever owner knows one thing – their best friend’s fur sticks often to them more than their actual dog! Between the double coat and the year-round hair loss, it can feel like a full-time job keeping your buddy looking their best.

Regular grooming is important for any dog, but even more so for dogs with a double coat like golden retrievers.

A double coat means that these dogs have a hefty layer of fuzz underneath their visible top coat. The double coat keeps sensitive skin clean and dry, but when the undercoat becomes full of loose hairs, it can cause irritation and matting for your dog.

Even with the double coat, most golden retrievers manage to get dirt and debris from their adventures lodged in their fur.

Brushing will help pull dead hairs and trapped specks of dirt through the outer coat and off your dog so they’ll be free of irritating fur mats and other debris. Regular brushing also helps you keep your home, furniture, and clothes (slightly) less free of that golden fur.

With all of the brushing options out there it can be overwhelming to decide which one will be best for your dog. Let’s look at a few types of brushes that are available and show you our favorites for keeping your golden retriever’s coat looking fine between grooming sessions.

Types of Brushes

Brushing Golden Retriever

The best type of brush for a golden retriever is called a slicker brush. A slicker brush is made up of wire bristles pointing at various angles that help to catch and pull out mats, tangled dirt, and loose hairs. These brushes usually have little rubber endings over the wire points so that brushing won’t hurt your dog, but you should still take care not to pull or brush too hard.

Pin brushes are another good option for grooming a golden retriever. These brushes look almost identical to the brushes people use in their hair. A pin brush won’t remove mats or thick dead fur as well as a slicker brush, but they’re good at removing the adventure trophies your golden keeps in his fur.

Regular pin brushing will help keep dirt out and your dog’s outer coat looking clean and fresh. The last type of brush you need to consider is called an undercoat rake. These are steel combs that are specially made to pull all the dirt and dead fur out of dogs with undercoats.

While your dog likely won’t need daily brushing regardless of which of the brush types you want to use, you should try to brush your dog at least every few days to keep their coat healthy between professional grooming sessions.

Now, let’s jump into our top five favorite picks for golden retriever brushes!

Best Brush for Golden Retriever

1. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning slicker brush is one of the most popular dog grooming tools on the market, and for good reason. It’s a great choice for any type of coat and is perfect to use right after bath time to detangle your dog’s fur.

The fine angled bristles almost effortlessly glide through even the thickest coat and remove loose undercoat hair leaving a smooth coat that looks almost like it was professionally groomed. The tips of the bristles are covered with tiny rubber beads for a comfortable and relaxing experience for your golden.

The ergonomic handle has a rubber-coated grip that makes the brush easy to hold onto, especially if you have to groom your dog for a longer period. The brush is also lightweight, weighing only slightly over three ounces.

By far our favorite part of this brush is the self-cleaning feature. By pushing the button on top of the brush head the bristles retract and push the fur onto the tip of the brush for easy removal.

This popular de-shedding tool lets you collect all of your golden’s fur in one place so that it doesn’t end up scattered around your home, and all over your favorite clothes.

For ease of use, cleaning, and storage, the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is possibly our favorite brush for golden retrievers, but it’s not the only great option available.

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2. Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush

This one looks more like a gardening tool than a high-quality pet brush but hear us out, we promise it’s a great undercoat rake. The Maxpower Grooming Brush is a professional-grade de-matting tool.

The dematting side of the tool has nine teeth and is perfect for raking out dead fur and mats that are stuck deep in the undercoat. These are the types of mats that are so critical to get rid of because if left unchecked they will start to cause serious discomfort for your dog.

If a mat gets too big, the only option will be to cut it out. It would be like getting a piece of gum stuck to the base of your scalp and then trying to comb it out. Thankfully your golden retriever won’t care too much that his coat is uneven, but with this dematting tool the mat won’t get that far.

Once all of the matted furs have been removed, flip the brush over to the 17-teeth deshedding side. This side of the comb will brush out all of the loose and dead furs before they can become a tangled and nightmarish mess.

Like the Hertzko, this brush is also comfortable to use with its ergonomic rubber handle. Any brush needs to have a solid and stable feel in your hand so that you can comb through the thick undercoat furs without slipping and accidentally hurting your pet.

While this undercoat rake looks like it would be painful, the teeth are rounded off at the end so they’ll be comfortable for your dog’s skin. You can easily and safely remove dead hair and mats, though of course you should still use a light touch and be careful not to brush with too much force.

The only notable downside is that sometimes the dead furs that were combed out will wrap around the teeth and be a little difficult to pull off. Unfortunately, there’s no self-cleaning feature, but that alone shouldn’t stop you from considering this otherwise excellent tool.

One last note, the Maxpower rake is available in seven different colors which is a nice little touch, though not functionally altering.

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3. FURminator Grooming Rake

If there were an award for the pet grooming tool with the best name, it would go to the FURminator. Try to pronounce this one without using an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent, seriously.

A more traditional-looking grooming rake, the FURminator has rounded metal teeth that will remove tangles and loose furs in thick and dense undercoats. If your golden has a thicker coat or has excessive shedding, the FURminator could be your new best friend.

This rake is great for every other day, or even daily use, for those excessive shedders out there. The soft-tipped bristles won’t hurt your golden’s skin, and the soft rubber handle won’t hurt your hand during grooming sessions.

The rubber handle also has a finger ridge to make holding on even easier. This brush is one of the easiest to use and provides some of the best hand control of any grooming tool on the market.

Since the metal teeth are pointed straight, it’s less likely that thick loose furs will get tangled in them which makes cleaning almost as easy as the Hertzko self-cleaner, except without the actual self-cleaning function.

The only real downside to this brush is that sometimes you’ll need to use it in combination with another dematting tool to remove stubborn clumps of fur. It’s a great everyday brush to prevent major tangles from happening, but if there are stubborn bits of fur, the FURminator might need to call in some backup.

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4. Paw Brothers Slicker Grooming Brush

best brush for golden retrieverA classic soft slicker brush design, the Paw Brothers slicker grooming brush has extra long pins that help it dig deeper into the thick golden retriever coat than some of the cheap brushes out there. The corners are rounded so they won’t scratch your dog’s skin, and they can grab at big clumps of fur easier than a comb with perfectly straight teeth.

The grip on this brush is plastic with a rubber center. While we like how the rubber center has little beads that gently massage your hand while you’re grooming your golden, we do wish it were fully coated with rubber to make it easier to grip and hold onto.

The biggest benefit of the Paw Brothers’ design is the extra long pins, they set this brush apart from the rest. It’s perfect for the thick double coat of the golden retriever, as well as for other large dogs, but we wouldn’t use this on a smaller breed as it would defeat the purpose of having longer bristles.

If you only have golden retrievers in your home this is a great one-stop option for dematting and coat maintenance, but if you have other dogs that are much smaller, you might want to pass in favor of another brush that you can easily use on all of your pets.

This brush is one of the more expensive options on our list, so it’s not one you’d want if you have to buy multiple brushes to use with it. But, if your home is full of goldens or other large breeds, the extra long comb pins are really hard to beat.

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5. The Pet Portal Self Cleaning Dog Brush

best brush for golden retrieverThe Pet Portal self-cleaning dog brush is the second self-cleaning option on our list. What sets this one apart is that the Pet Portal makes two different sizes so if you have a golden retriever that’s on the smaller side, this could be perfect for your dog.

The five and 3/4-inch brushing pins are a great size for the golden retriever’s coat, and as with the other brushes on this list, the ends of the pins are rounded off to minimize any irritation to your pet. This brush is also almost fully coated in rubber so it’s extremely easy, and comfortable, to use during lengthy home grooming sessions.

Similar to the Hertzko, by pressing the green button on top of the brush, the bristles retract and push all of the collected furs to the top for easy removal. Overall, self-cleaning brushes are easier to deal with but they won’t work as well as an undercoat rake for really difficult mats of fur.

These slicker brushes are great to use to, hopefully, prevent your golden’s fuzz from ever getting quite that wild. Once the thick mats set in, you’ll need a rake, or in extreme cases scissors to deal with it fully.

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Best Brush for Golden Retriever: FAQ

The main consideration you’ll need to keep in mind is what level of grooming your golden needs. Are they an excessive shedder who constantly deals with matting problems? If so, you might want to go with an undercoat rake like the Maxpower in our guide.

If they’re a more typical shedder, any of the slicker brushes will likely be a better choice, though we would give the overall edge to the Hertzko self-cleaning brush.

Please note the answers to the questions below apply to all products in this guide unless explicitly mentioned:

Will the grooming tool hurt my pet?

No, each of the tools has rounded or rubber-coated edges to minimize skin irritation. You should still avoid brushing with excessive force as you could unintentionally pull your dog’s fur.

How often should I brush my dog?

At least once a week, or more frequently if your dog is a heavy shedder

Brand Guide

A quick intro to each of the brands mentioned here:


Leading manufacturer of dog grooming tools for all breeds. Hertzko products are readily available through major online and physical retailers.


Primarily known for making high-quality dematting tools and grooming rakes. Maxpower sells its products directly through major online retailers.


FURminator creates all manner of pet grooming products, including soaps and shampoos to compliment their grooming tools. FURminator does not sell its products directly, but rather utilizes partnerships with many major retailers.

Ryan’s Pet Supplies

Creator of the “Paw Brothers” line of pet grooming products, Ryan’s Pet Supplies was established in 1959 and has become a leading manufacturer of professional grooming tools.

The Pet Portal

A small business manufacturer of pet grooming products, the Pet Portal sells its products exclusively through its Amazon digital storefront.

Best Brush for Golden Retriever: Wrap Up

Finding the best brush for golden retriever can be challenging. With their thick double coats and tendency to accumulate as much dirt as they have fur, goldens are a fun-loving animal that can be very hard to keep clean.

We hope this guide helps take the challenge out of self-grooming your best friend so you can keep their coats looking shiny and beautiful between grooming!


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