Best Dog Clippers for Cockapoo: Ultimate Guide for Pet Parents

best dog clippers for cockapoo

Cockapoos are a popular breed for a number of reasons. A cocker spaniel-poodle crossbreed is a friendly, smart, and very adoring dog, that needs little in the way of intensive care. This is particularly true in the case of grooming.

Cockapoos don’t shed as much fur as other dog breeds, you won’t need to schedule as many visits with a professional dog groomer. Given how easy it can be, you’ll probably want to try and do it yourself.

You’ll need a good pair of dog clippers for this. We understand that the market is flooded with products claiming to be the best dog hair clippers, and that is why we had also done some research to bring you the five best dog clippers for Cockapoo.

Best Dog Clippers for Cockapoo

1. Oneisall Gold 2 Speed Cordless Dog Clipper

This Oneisall Dog Clipper has two adjustable running speed modes, the first with 6300 RPM for long or thick fur and the second with 5700 RPM for short-furred dogs.

Its 1200mAH battery provides a powerful 160-minute run time with only 4-5 hours of charging, enough to give your dog a clean shave.

This Oneisall dog clipper’s ergonomic design produces no noise or vibrations and it is 100% waterproof. It’s a perfect dog clipper with all of the features you’ll need.



  • Waterproof design
  • Intelligent LCD charging state indications


  • Begins to vibrate when it’s used for an extended period of time

According to Eco Pet Life, the IPX6 waterproof function allows it to be cleaned with water without being submerged. It contains a ceramic sliding blade and a stainless steel fixed blade to give you the best shave for your dog’s fur.

While charging, its Li-ion battery can be used. A stainless steel scissor is also included with the clipper.

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2. Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit

The Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit allows you to groom your dog, cat, or other pets at home, away from the stressful environment of a salon.

The set includes superb, quiet-running pet clippers that cut without yanking on your pet’s hair coat, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for your pet.

Thanks to the cordless design, you can give your pet a full cut or a touch-up whenever you want. This expert grooming kit allows you to give your pet salon-style grooming at home for a lower cost.


  • Fully equipped, an excellent gift idea
  • Quiet motor
  • Ergonomically designed handle provides a secure grip


  • Has a limited battery life

Another important feature of this product is its lifetime warranty. In order to please its consumers and win your trust, the company has prioritised quality. If you have any problems with your pet kit after purchase, contact the company for a replacement.

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3. DOG CARE Dog Grooming Kit

DOG CARE presents a stunning dog clipper that is fitted with efficient technology and an intelligent smart mode that is responsive to the thickness of a dog’s coat.

You do not have to worry about what speed to select because this clipper will choose the pace automatically. Simply push the “smart” button, and the clipper will perform flawlessly.



  • Cordless design


  • Battery life could be improved

There is no need to be worried if you think you will miss the lighting experience at a professional grooming parlour. DOG CARE clippers have an appropriate illuminating light option located at the tail of the clipper.

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4. Ceenwes Dog Clippers

Do you have different kinds of four-legged friends in your home? These clippers are equally effective for grooming cats as they are for grooming dogs. They can also be used on rabbits and horses (the tools should be cleaned in between uses).

The set includes a rechargeable clipper and a power adapter, as well as scissors, nail clippers, a brush, and all the necessary comb accessories. The clippers are also only 60 decibels loud, which would not be louder than a normal conversation.


  • Blade is detachable, making it easy to change and clean
  • Long battery life
  • Blade is made of titanium and ceramic and delivers great cutting performance


  • Made for thinner coats

Ceenwes dog clippers can provide a wonderful cutting experience for both you and your dogs.

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5. GOOAD 14 Pcs Dog Clippers

This set comes with a wide blade for heavy fur, and a narrow blade for hairs on the paws, tail, face, ear, beard, and moustache.

The 2200 mA high capacity Li-ion battery takes 3 hours to charge and may be used for 250 minutes. It also comes with a charging and usage reminder. This dog clipper’s rechargeable feature eliminates the need for replacement batteries.

The high-quality 33-tooth titanium blade and ceramic moveable blade work together to give remarkable cutting performance, beating most pet clippers’ typical 24 or 26-tooth blades.

The blades stay sharp and are very durable. The blades are detachable and easy to remove and clean.


  • It’s easy and flexible to use
  • Cordless and rechargeable


  • Not very efficient for longer hair

This is a multipurpose tool kit for storing and safeguarding clipping equipment. It is also easy to take the clipping tools with you when travelling. GOOAD has great customer service, and will assist you whenever you need it after the sale.

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Clipper Grooming for a Cockapoo: Routine Tips

Aside from their friendliness, one of the biggest advantages of a cockapoo is that they shed significantly less than other varieties.

This does not imply that you should avoid cutting them. You are not required to give them a full haircut each time, but you need to keep some of the trouble spots under control.

These spots surround the eyes and lips of cockapoos. Trimming the mouth hair will keep food and drink from being caught. This helps make sure that your cockapoo does not spend the entire day with a damp nose.

Hair around the eyes can sometimes be a concern. It can hinder their sight if it grows too long, so pay attention to these spots even if you are not completely grooming your dog.

Choosing the Best Dog Clipper for Cockapoo: Buying Tips

Best Dog Clippers for Cockapoo Ultimate Guide


The cheapest option may not always be the best option. You should compare the cost of the clippers to the cost of going to the groomer.

Buying cheap clippers may result in failures, and even faulty units, which will just be more money in the longrun.


There’s no doubt about it, dog clippers will generate noise. If you look for a product that has a lower vibration, the clippers will be more quiet, and your dog will be more patient while being groomed.

Some brands may use a less powerful motor in order to cut down on noise. This may be good in theory, but is ineffective when trying to cutting through long fur and will take considerably longer to trim your cockapoo.

Most cheap clippers have low vibration, but they are not always the best options!

In general, if you buy a higher-quality dog clipper, the product will be strong enough to trim through long fur, and will actually be able to minimize annoying vibrations.

Corded or Cordless Clippers:

Cordless dog clippers are great – not only because they are convenient, but they allow you to groom hard to reach places. If you use a cordless clipper, you may notice that you’ll have to stop and recharge the batteries quite often.

Using a corded set of clippers is recommended for cockapoo grooming, but it is always nice to have a cheaper cordless device for the trickier areas.

Attachment Combs:

Don’t get too worked up about these. The main thing to remember is that your preferred dog clipper includes at least two pieces of comb.

This is because, in order to produce a good cut, you’ll need to use a larger comb attachment to trim away all of your cockapoo’s body, followed by a shorter comb attachment for focus spots like the belly and chest.

When trimmed too short, a cockapoo can look like a newborn lamb rather than a dog, so search for comb attachments that offer at least 10mm of clearance.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clip my dog’s hair with human clippers?

Despite their similar appearance, the two different types of clippers have different functions and features. When grooming dogs, human clippers should be avoided in order to reduce the risk of injury to the pet.

Human clippers are noisier and may frighten the dog. Pet grooming clippers glide much more smoothly across heavy fur.

Do you clean your dog before grooming it?

bathing a dog

Grooming your dog after bathing is recommended. Clipping a dirty dog can clog the clippers, reduce the life of the product.

When should you groom your dog’s hair?

Groom your dog’s hair when it’s dry and clean with no tangles. It will help you figure out how much fur you should cut and make the grooming process easier.

What is the difference between human and dog clippers?

There are several significant differences between them.

Human clippers are noisier and have stronger motors, which can frighten your dogs. The blades are even different because dog fur differs from human hair.

Human clippers are rarely as efficient as dog grooming clippers because it is difficult to manage dog fur while grooming.

Using a human clipper on dogs can result in injuries and severe scratches. Because they are intended to handle lengthy cuts, the razors and brushes are pretty close together, and they are controlled by powerful engines.

Buying Guide Recap

Oneisall Gold 2 Speed Cordless Dog Clipper

The blade on this cordless clipper is both safe and sharp. Its enhanced stainless steel fixed blade and ceramic moving blade may give the best cutting performance. The blade is sharp enough for extended use, and the replaceable blades make it simple to change and clean.

Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit

This product highlights itself by having everything you need in one single kit. If you’re looking for a complete pet grooming set for your dog, cat, or other furry friend, this is the product for you. This set includes the finest dog grooming clippers with various guards, nail trimmers, scissors, and other items to help you properly maintain your pet’s coat and nails.

DOG CARE Dog Grooming Kit

The DOG CARE hair clipper consists of a highly durable motor that is appropriate for all types of hair and works at a minimum noise and vibration level, providing you with an optimum balance of strong clipping and ultra-quiet performance. With this quiet and pet-friendly clipper, your dog will no longer be afraid of grooming.

Ceenwes Dog Clippers

The Ceenwes clipper set keeps your dogs looking nice at all times. It’s great for both at-home and professional salon use! With its redesigned, user-friendly design and restricting comb, this clipper ensures safe trimming and tidy and neat hair results. There will be no more high-priced pet grooming fees, and you can handle it yourself.

GOOAD 14 Pcs Dog Clippers

GOOAD 14 Pcs Dog Clippers is a full set of accessories that will make grooming your pet’s hair easier. It can take numerous forms for pets while keeping them calm. The clippers set has a noise level of less than 60 decibels, which helps to relax the pet and makes haircuts less frightening.

Best Dog Clippers for Cockapoo: Conclusion

We hope this guide to the best dog clippers for cockapoo has given you a better understanding of what to look for when choosing a dog clipper. We are sure that the best dog clipper for Cockapoo for your needs is on our shortlist, and if it isn’t, you can use our buying tips to choose the ideal one.

Still recommend visiting a professional groomer as a treat on rare occasions, but being able to manage it yourself saves both time and money.

Best wishes on your purchase!


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